Mercedes B

Some cars on our site may not be available for reservations at the moment, so feel free to contact us for more information on our phone numbers:

+382(0)69/279-981  via WhatsApp or Viber or at our e-mail address [email protected]

This car is not available.
Duration 1-7 Days 8-14 Days 15+ Days
Price per day [Discount] 70.00/Day 55.00/Day 51.00/Day
Additional services :
Service Price
Additional driver 5.00/Day
GPS 5.00/Day
Baby seat 5.00/Day
Car delivery on requested address Contact us
Additional notes


Deposit is required and it is not included in the prices shown on the website. For more information about deposit feel free to contact us.

Fine for loosing keys, documents or additional equipment is 500 EUR.

Fuel is not included in price and car should be returned with same amount of fuel in tank.

Special discount for long term rentals.

We are offering car delivery on requested address as additional service. This service is limited to following countries: Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Croatia. For more information about price of this service feel free to contact us.

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